Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22 March 2011

Last night, I woke up at about 11:30 pm; I was sweating heavily, dizzy (lying down dizzy) and nauseated. I spent much of the night throwing up and dealing with dizziness; my guess is that I got food poisoning; probably from drinking out of a jug that had some old milk in it.

I feel much better today though I haven't eaten much; fortunately I was able to "work from home" today. Tomorrow, I hope to do a gentle 2-3 mile walk.

I do have some posts

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see more funny videos, and check out our Forever Alone lols!


Remember that evolution shaped us; reproductive success was what evolution maximized...and it did that thousands of years ago. Hence, we have some not-so-refined instincts. Read about that here.

No, creationism shouldn't be taught in science class and those who do are committing malpractice.

But at least we don't get threats for teaching evolution.

World Events
Japan really took it on the chin.


GOP 2012
Here is a run down to what they are up to. Here is a list of "liabilities" that might hurt them in the 2012 primary.

Mr. Pawlenty has formed an exploratory committee; this means that he is probably running. I have no clue as to who will rise to the top; I see Pawlenty and Romney has having the best chance in the general election, though I wouldn't say that either has a good chance.

Common ground

I actually agree with many conservatives here.

But of course, I still have many issues with them; here is a long, but fair (and documented) list.

And for the time being, Republicans are holding up nominations for no good reason; as a basis they use some out of context statements. Paul Krugman argues that this will lead to mediocre people being appointed to such posts.

If our current economic state is a correction and reflects people training for the wrong jobs, what are the correct jobs? Which areas are "hot"?

No, we don't have to study deep theology to oppose religion or to argue that it is incompatible with science.

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