Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celtics vs. Lakers Game 4

The Celtic shots are rimming out over and over again; Ray Allen is still missing his outside shots. The Lakers are making theirs and lead 12-11 with 4:35 left in the first quarter. Paul Pierce has been aggressive, though he has also missed two free shots (unusual for him)

10 points for Pierce and it is 14-14. The Celtics are still shooting poorly.

The Celtics are shooting 33 percent from the field; the Lakers 47 percent. Ray Allen is 1-5.

Not a lot of points so far.

Wallace just jumped and landed right on Pau Gasol. This is a good old fashioned NBA playoff foul.

Now Gasol flops and gets a foul call. That call was a Laker gift.

Still it is 19-16 Celtics after one quarter; the C's are shooting 36 percent, Lakers 35. For the Lakers, Artest is 1-4, for the Celtics Allen is 1-5, Rondo 1-4.
Gasol has 8, Pierce has 10.

Second quarter

Celtics are still shooting poorly. Ok, Robinson has his second 3.

At least the Celtics are attacking the rim. Garnett and Rondo are getting a nice rest.

27-26 Celtics with 8:10 left in the half. The Celtics' bench has 11 points in just a few minutes.

Allen in, Pierce out. Still the Celtics are hustling. 29-28 Celtics with 5:45 to go.

Man, is Gasol the referee's baby; you just breathe on him and you get a foul!

Rondo drives, gets fouled, but he sucks from the line (he is great at everything else!) He reminds me of Wilt Chamberlain in that aspect.

Bryant a 3 point shot. Pierce a nice hook off of the glass. Bryant another 3. Damn.
Rondo 2; 35-33 Lakers.

Bryant another jump shot. Oh good lord...this is getting away from the Celtics.
It started with 3 straight Bryant jump shots...
39-33 Lakers. 39-35...offensive rebound.

Lakers are shooting 50 percent; Celtics 38.5 percent. That won't get it done.

I am wondering: cold streak, good Laker defense or...old Celtic legs. Often a tired team misses lots of open shots.

Good lord..another horrible call against the Celtics.

Garnett hits the turn-around jumper to make it 45-42 Lakers at the half.

Photos by yahoo.

At the half it looks like this: Bryant 12, Gasol 13, Artest 6. Pierce 12, Davis and Garnett have 7, Rondo and Robinson have 6. Percentages: Lakers 48.6, Celtics 40.9. Rebounds are close; 21 for the Celtics, 20 for the Lakers.

The ABC announcers: Jon Barry called the Celtic offense "pathetic". Another announcer pointed out that the Lakers have the best court player (Bryant) and the best "big" player (Gasol). In short, the Celtics are lucky that this isn't a blow out. Old has been a good run.

Third Quarter
The Celtics pick it up; two missed shots in a row.
Make that 3 missed shots in a row. But two free throws; 45-44.
Gasol fouled hard this time.

49-44 Lakers; Celtics offense is still offensive. Two bad passes by Pierce; another missed fast break.
Fisher...wild shot and it went in...horrible 3 second call. Just awful; there were 20 seconds left on the shot clock!

Still the Celtics miss shot after shot; horrible. Another missed shot. 48 percent for the Lakers, 38 for the Celtics. But the Celtics are playing hard on defense.

4 fouls on Derek Fisher. That is good news.

Boston up 54-53 with 5:00 to go in the 3'rd.
Bryant ANOTHER 3; taunts the crowd.
Allen hits a shot.
Tie game (56-56) with 4 minutes to go in the 3'rd.

The Celtics continue to miss open shots. 39 percent shooting.
Pierce needs to demand the ball.

Another 3 by Bryant. Another foul on the Celtics.
Another 3 by Bryant. This one is over.

62-60 at the end of 3; Bryant is 5-7 from 3 point land.
Lakers are shooting 45 percent; Celtics 39.
The Celtics are very balanced: Pierce 12, Garnett 11, Davis 9, Rondo 8, Allen 8.
Lakers: Bryant 21, Gasol 17, Artest 6.

4'th quarter; 62-62. Gasol walks all over the place; no call; 64-62.
Big steal by Robinson who has given the Celtics good minutes off of the bench.
The bench getting 17 points and playing good defense is keeping the Celtics in the game.

Davis another shot; the bench is keeping them in the game.

Big stop; I am surprised the Gasol's wild 3 (with the shot clock running to zero) didn't go in.

Ray Allen a shot...another shot by Davis and a foul. 70-64 Celtics with 8:22; both teams shooting 42.9 percent.

But Byrant is shooting well.

The Celtic bench continues to step up; Davis on the boards and put backs.
74-66 with 7:43.
Wallace fouled and ran away. Still, got a technical; Bryant missed the free shot.
Big plays for the Celtics bench. Davis 16, Robinson 12.
Wallace buries a 3. Stupid technical on Robinson; he lost his cool.

79-72 with 5:39 left. Lakers shooting the technical. Fisher actually misses the free throw.

81-72. 5:30 to go.

Odom is playing well for the Lakers. 81-74. The backups are still in the game. Pierce is going to come in as is Garnett. Robinson the big drive!

The backups are still in the game, getting it done. 85-74 Celtics.
Wallace's back went on him. 85-77 Celtics.

2:51, 85-77; does Doc Rivers put Garnett and Pierce and Rondo back in? That isn't an easy call.

Bryant is shooting free throws; money in the bank for the Lakers. 85-79.
Pierce hits a key basket, 87-79.
Bryant another key basket. 87-81.
Pierce big drive; basket plus the foul! 90-81
(ok, bad call but that just made up another call)
But Bryant gets fouled while shooting a 3.

1:08 to go.

Bryant isn't going to miss these.

90-84 with 1:04 to go.
Rondo with a big steal and a lay-up. 92-84..makes that 92-86 with 22.2 seconds left. I hate Derek Fisher.
Boston ball though; the Lakers will foul. Don't give Rondo the ball. They foul Garnett; Garnett is a good free throw shooter.

94-86 Celtics with 17.7 seconds left; this one still isn't over given that Bryant can hit three 3 point shots in this amount of time.

Bryant his ANOTHER 3 94-89. But Pierce is on the line.
96-89 with 9.5 seconds to go; that is how it ends. Celtics win!

Keys to the game

Lakers: Bryant 33, Gasol 21, Odom 10. BUT, Bynum went out early with his knee; that hurt them inside. Fisher got had 4 fouls.
Celtics: 41-34 rebound advantage, Davis had 18 points, Robinson 12, and among the starters: Pierce 19, Garnett 13, Ray Allen 12, Rondo 10. Rebounds were shared.

But mostly it was the play of the bench that made the big difference.

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